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Selling and Buying Seeds

KanepiseemnedEIn Estonia, it is possible to grow seed hemp varieties for profit. We recommend the Finola variety, which is suitable for the northern climate and the available harvesting technology.

Finola is a short early flowering hemp variety, which does not branch out much. In addition to the seed, Finola produces satisfactory fibre, which resembles flax fibre rather than hemp fibre. However, due to short plants, the biomass production is considerably smaller than for other industrial hemp varieties.

Experiments on cultivation showed that this variety, which was cultivated in Finland, produced a yield of 1.7 tonnes/ha, which is more than for all varieties cultivated so far. Finola is grown in Canada, many European countries, Australia and New Zealand. In Estonia, the normal yield is between 0.8 and 1.2 tonnes/ha. A detailed description of the variety can be found here.

As for fibre hemp, we recommend varieties on which field experiments have been carried out in Estonia. Detailed information on field experiments is available here.

Price List 2016 (certified seed for sowing)

VarietyTypePack size(kg)Price
Finola Seed hemp 1000 9 eur/kg
Finola Seed hemp 25 10 eur/kg
Santhica Fibre hemp 25 Ask for an offer
Beniko Fibre hemp 25 Ask for an offer
Bialobrzeskie Fibre hemp 25 Ask for an offer
Chamaeleon Fibre hemp 25 Ask for an offer
USO-31 Dual use 25 Ask for an offer
USO-31 Dual use 1000 Ask for an offer

We offer other varieties on request. The list of varieties can be found here.
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Yield Buy-Up
We offer seed hemp growers a buyback guarantee/contract. The price of buy-up depends on the quality and is different for organic seed and standard seed.

In 2016, the buy-up prices are as follows:
Seeds from conventional agriculture that comply with quality requirements starting from 1200 eur/tonne.
Certified organic seeds that comply with quality requirements starting from 1900 eur/tonne.

NB: We reserve the right to modify our prices. Please contact us for an exact offer.

Quality requirements for seeds
Moisture content Maximum 9%
Minimum 6%
Purity Minimum 99%
Oil content Minimum 30%
Free fatty acids Maximum 1.5%